MYSORE Practice & Pranayama

Experience the healing affects of yoga through the traditional mysore method. Incorporating both asana practice and pranayama, these sessions offer students one on one guidance and teaching in a small group.

A perfect venue for both new and experienced students to learn to develop a balanced, sustainable yoga practice, individualized to their own need and level.

Kingsburg classes starting September 14.

Halifax classes starting October 1.

beginner sessions

If you are thinking about what yoga can do for you or, are curious about ashtanga yoga, this class is a great launch point. In a step by step format, you will learn the elements of breath practice, a basic posture sequence to open the body and, a unique breathing/movement technique strong healing, energetic & meditation affects. These sessions starts the process of developing a self-directed yoga practice under the supervision of a teacher

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Traditional led class

in this class we work through the full primary series (sometimes with the inclusion of intermediate asana) using the traditional counted method. These sessions include pranayama and mantra meditation.

a special led class -

the original Primary series practice (yoga chikitsa)

Saturday, October 12, 10 am, all levels

private sessions

one on one teaching for new students who wish to learn the elements of yoga or, experienced practitioners who wish to develop and hone their practice. in class & on-line options available via Zoom or Skype.

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practice & teaching mentorship

an in-depth practice| teaching skills development program

Are you looking to deepen your yoga practice, learn to teach or, develop new teaching skills?

This program offers you a unique and personalized approach to deepening your understanding of ashtanga practice and developing the skills needed to teach traditionally. Offered in four modules w/practicum, this comprehensive training includes on-going practice coaching, practice & study assignments, on-line Q&A sessions, skill development workshops, practice intensives and, adjustment training.