practice & teaching mentorship

an in-depth practice| teaching skills development program

Are you looking to deepen your yoga practice, learn to teach or, develop new teaching skills?

This program offers you a unique and personalized approach to deepening your understanding of ashtanga practice and developing the skills needed to teach traditionally. Offered in four modules with practicum, this comprehensive training includes on-going practice coaching, practice & study assignments, on-line Q&A sessions, skill development workshops, practice intensives and, adjustment training.

Teacher Training, Adjustment Clinic, and Practice Intensive

In this training, we will use the primary & second series as the back drop to develop your personal practice and teaching skills. Each day you will work on your own practice with guidance, as first and foremost, building & integrating good practice principles underlies our ability to share this practice with others. Additionally, our week together includes a series of afternoon workshops which will cover ashtanga theory, sanskrit, adjustment training and the development of teaching skills needed to work efficiently and confidently in the mysore room. You will also have to opportunity to assist and practice teach during our week long session. This training offers participants 25 continuing education units.